Woking Shopping Centre

Come and Visit Woking Shopping and the Town Centre from the comfort of your own seat
360 style!

Woking Shopping Centre

Woking Town Centre in line with Woking Borough Council is currently undergoing a major redevelopment in the area (2018-2020. We approached CEO of Woking Borough Council, Ray Morgan and his Marketing Team, to showcase the power of Google Street View and 360 virtual tours.
The team were so impressed with the technology, we began creating interactive virtual tours across the whole town centre, including the heart of Woking Shopping Centre.

This is only Phase 2 of the project as the redevelopment takes place to completion…so we will be keeping a close eye to update 360 imagery. As a result of our 360 VR technology, the town centre has seen a retail footfall increase and a thriving boost to the area. This in line with our expertise across the Google Maps platform, we ensure businesses are visible on Map pins and correct business information is visible.

This is a long term relationship and we are very excited to be part of it all.

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