Wi Ki Woo Hotel Ibiza

See Inside Wi Ki Woo *the most Instagrammable hotel* on the sunny island of Ibiza

The most Instagrammable hotel ever?

When the newly opened Wi Ki Woo Hotel approached us to create a 360 Street View of the new hotel, we jumped on board the next flight over to Ibiza. We coordinated unique commercial shots around the property, across different angles, including aerial drone shots of the surrounding coastline.

The 360 virtual tour created, captured the new hotel ready for opening in a truly impressive and detailed manner. When our photography was published in numerous articles, magazine and news outlets such as OK! Magazine, The Telegraph and many others, we were flattered.

We strongly recommend visiting Wi Ki Woo Hotel and enjoy everything it has to offer.

This tour also shows off the custom menu overlays available to clients to give the tour navigation. This is especially useful for large spaces to visually guide your customers around your space.

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