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Aerial Roof Inspections with Drones

Drone roof inspections, surveys and aerial building inspections is a cost effective way of getting detailed data in the quickest way possible.

Using the latest in aerial inspection equipment, we supply you with the highest definition 4K video and photographs of your roofs, chimneys, towers, spires, bridges, etc. Simple, cost effective surveys that would otherwise be difficult to achieve using timely scaffolding alternatives.

We will provide you with a series of high resolution images or high definition video of most hard to reach structures. You can even monitor the footage being gathered by the drone to make sure you’re getting exactly the images you require. We carry out all our work with Safety as a our Top Priority.

The Surveying

360 Virtual Tour Co. specialise in the assessment of defective building roofs, historic buildings, industrial structures, chimneys, bridges, viaducts and much more.

Our experienced, CAA approved pilots capture a wide selection of images from different angles in a few hours. Your sites can remain open with minimal disturbance to working operations or public use, or we can reduce risk even more by working out of hours, at weekends or out early in the morning. Whatever is most convenient for your operation!

360 Virtual Tour Co. collect data using drones without taking unnecessary health and safety risks and to ensure that data is detailed and accurate.

We use drone with zoom lens to inspect at a safe distance from the structure, significantly reduce the cost of performing the survey.

All our drones use the latest in high definition 20 megapixel images that can be zoomed in to show even more detail, for swift and accurate analysis.

Before any flight takes place, we will produce a detailed Risk Assessment for every site, which takes into consideration the environment, aviation rules and regulations to ensure safe, efficient and productive drone surveying work.

We Are Global.

Our work takes us around the world creating all types of photography from specialised 360, to 3D scans to aerial work.

Let's Work Together.

Whether you are a local business or a multi site brand…we are here to assist. Get in contact to discuss your aerial requirements.

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