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Now Accepting popular crypto currency as payment


Here at 360 Virtual Tour Co. we are pro-crypto and have been for many many years. Don’t forget, we are a bunch of techies and love talking new technology after all! A number of our clients have started asking if this is something we would consider, and hence the decision was made this year to begin accepting crypto currency as a method of payment.

This will be handled specifically with You and we will guide through each step by providing our dedicated crypto wallet address and market conversion rates. We will begin by accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, however we are flexible to others.


Many of our tech clients have started to invest their balance sheets into crypto and of course looking for safe online ways to use it as a method of paying for goods and services. We accept popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and of course always looking at other favourable coins.


We are firm believers of all types of technology whether it be camera AI, LiDAR laser scanning, or crypto currency method of payment. This is simply another option and flexibility we provide our clients to choose if they wish. Doing our own research, we are actually the very first Photography and 360 Virtual Tour company to openly announce we accept crypto currency as a valid method of payment.

Current coins we accept are Bitcoin and Ethereum, although we will consider others. This is new territory for all, so we will work with You directly the most cost effective method.

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